Woodland Shower Hut Build

We’re dead keen on our natural habitat here at Ace – that’s the whole reason we chose this spot in the first place. So when planning a spot for that most ‘natural’ of purposes the first thing to do was to stop and look around us and this is what we’ve come up with so far..


A wooden structure with sheets of reclaimed corrugated metal with a fantastic rustic patina. Add this to the Scots Pine ‘backs’ (the attractive but often useless outer parts of trees that are discarded in timber plank production) and this ablutions hut will blend right into the woods. There’s a shower at the right hand end and then if you go round to the other side there’ll be a smell-free composting loo with this fantastic antique wooden seat so you can sit in regal comfort!


And here’s a pic of Brendan, whose handywork you see.. (great moveable workshop). Thanks Brendo :)