Camp Kitchen & Showers Build

Our first campers arrive tomorrow! Pitches are cleared, paths are strum and the woodland camp kitchen and showers are very nearly complete. The woodland build has been challenging at times but we’ve had great fun being as resourceful as possible with some of the build materials coming from only a few feet from their final destination, and very many of them coming from the surrounding fields, woodlands and even houses.

After the supporting structure, the showers went in. Coated corrugated iron shower surrounds with reclaimed shower trays and heads from local houses.




The structure was built from trees felled here at Ace and the whole team (including our youngest helpers) clad the building in ‘backs’ from the wider Logie Estate on which we are located.


The almost finished result shows the camp kitchen with huge table made entirely from one tree and only two wide planks, sink, gas stove-top on the left, showers with Jim’s beautiful hand-built doors on the right and camp fire burning in the foreground (someone had to test it worked!).


And last but not least, the construction of an easier way for our guests to reach it – thanks to Emma and Iona!



Final finished pics coming soon… (ran out of daylight!)