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woodland walk from Ace Adventure along the River Findhorn

A Walk on the Wild Side

Wild Walks Right from your Doorstep or Canopy

Here at Ace we are ‘#blessed’ to be surrounded by the most beautiful and unspoilt woodlands, rolling fields and of course the River Findhorn and its truly stunning gorge scenery.

Walk along the River Findhorn from Ace
If you wander out of your tent or hut you can just keep wandering on into all this nature, and most of the time you’ll have these woodland paths and tracks pretty much to yourself.

bell tent in the woods at Ace Hideaways

Getting the Most out of Your Walk: Planning

There are plenty of lovely routes right here from Ace, but to make the best of them it’s worth stopping in at Reception to ask for some tips. That way you’ll hopefully avoid wandering through a field full of overly-inquisitive cattle and instead find a route to make the best of the views and abundant nature all around. If you do pass through a gate, please leave it how you found it and in general follow the country code.

studying the walks map at Logie Steading

Keep an Eye Out for Birdlife and Wildlife

Much of the wildlife around here can be quite shy, but you shouldn’t find it too hard to spot something of interest. There are a host of native birds and birds of prey. We have even seen a pair of Ospreys locally. Right around the campsite you will spot the smaller breeds of deer if you’re quiet and calm, perhaps pheasant or grouse and if you’re lucky we sometimes see the elusive red squirrel.

Red Squirrel are spotted at Ace Adventure Ace Hideaways

Woodland Ancient and Modern, and the second tallest tree in the UK!

You’ll see a huge variety of trees, both ancient and modern on your walks. These will include native Scots Pines, Birches, rowan, alder, willow, Douglas Fir, and others. The Woodland Trust has come up with Tree ID, an app you can download to identify many trees in Britain – it’s quite fun playing tree detective along the way.  If you walk down the hill to the River Findhorn and follow it downstream, just before the famous Randolph’s Leap you will see (the bottom of anyway!) a huge Sitka Spruce on the river bank. We are told that this is the second tallest tree in the UK. We do wonder how they know!

The Second Tallest Tree in Scotland!

Wild History Too

If you decide on a wander down the river past the ‘big tree’, you will come to Randolph’s Leap where you’ll see that the full force of the river passes through a narrow gap. Back in bloodier times in our history a local man tried to escape his armed perusers by leaping (across from the other, lower, side – quite a feat but perhaps one you’d be more willing to attempt when being chased by a bunch of bloodthirsty pike-bearers) across.

Randolph's Leap on the River Findhorn

Something of his tale can be read on the nearby sign boards and more about his history and that of the local area, including the 1829 Great Flood can be found in the Heritage Centre at nearby Logie Steading. A little up the hill from the Leap you’ll see a carved stone inside a little cage. This is where the flood waters reached in 1829. Standing here and just imagining that volume of water is quite something. Those were days when White Water Rafting was purely survival!

An Excellent Cafe, a Beautiful Walk Away – What a Treat!

If you follow the signs from Randolph’s Leap to Logie Steading (approx another mile) you’ll find a host of independent shops and makers, a walled garden and The Olive Tree Cafe where you can enjoy some well deserved home made refreshment.

cake at The Olive Tree Cafe, Logie Steading

A lovely way to wend your way!

sitting outside at The Olive Tree Cafe, Logie STeadingThere are plenty of ways to wander, short and long, from Ace. This is just one of our favourites. If you want some tips, just ask!